Get ready to upscale the efficiency of your organization with easy activation, a user friendly platform, easy voice and data management and full control, whilst having proven knowledge that any trojan cannot exfiltrate your sensitive information.

Our Bondi Secure-Phone & eSIM offers a secure channel with more than 434 mobile operators and works in 137 countries. We also offer to our customers a dedicated Private APN that brings the data traffic to secure routers. It is possible to grant the data access to the customers’ platforms without having to travel through the public Internet.

There is something new on the market, now you have it in the palm of your hand!

In today’s world, privacy is more important than ever. Most people now have an online history and digital space which needs to be treated with as much caution as your physical belongings. Our online presence can affect our employment, credibility, and reputation and so it is essential to keep our information safe. With more and more people beginning to work remotely, and with more and more sensitive communication taking place, it is key to protect our devices and the data stored on them.

With easy and efficient activation our Bondi Secure-Phone will leave you feeling assured that no trojan or hacker will be able to penetrate your sensitive information and that every conversation is being communicated with the intended recipient only.

With our eSIM and Private APP we offer secure channels in 137 countries and with more than 434 mobile operators and customers can use the phone to access sensitive information as in a local area network without going through the Public Internet.

We have a data link with our roaming partner and we avoid using the Public Internet even with a VPN!

All you need is an Apple smartphone with eSIM compatibility, an SE or higher, which are available from around $500, a private eSIM, and a dedicated app which are provided via easy-to-use QR codes.

For secure phone comparison – please turn your phone to landscape mode. 

Secure Phone Comparison

  • Bondi Secure-Phone
  • Solarin
  • Bittium Tough Mobile 2C
  • Finney U1
  • Purism Librem 5
Bondi Secure-PhoneSolarinBittium Tough Mobile 2CFinney U1Purism Librem 5
Bondi Platform Ltd
Sirin Labs
Sirin Labs
Operating SystemsApple iOSProprietary OS called "Sirin OS" Modified Android 10 (Pie)Ultra-Secure Sirin OS based on Android Oreo“PureOS”, adapted from Linux
Encryption256-Bit AES plus Apple's own built-in encryption and authentication software256-bit AES encryptionBuilt-in encryption and authentication software. Encrypted IP-based data transfer.256-bit AES encryptionNot specified
Other Security FeaturesOur eSIM offers a secure channel with more than 434 mobile operators and works in 137 countriesFeatures a 5.5-inch IPS LCD panel with a resolution QHD+, with the Snapdragon 810 chip and a 23.8-megapixel rear sensor to take imagesBuilt-in key management software, Free YubiKey 5 NFC security key, Boot and runtime security checksDecentralized apps (DApps), three-factor auth, exclusive payment token for secure purchasesLocation services disabled by default, Blocks browser trackers, Built-in VPN
Additional USPsA dedicated PBX that allows comms only among its extensions. A router with IPs, Ports, and Domain in the whitelist.24/7 intrusion prevention system and a multi-layered cyber security suiteRemote management of devices and applications of the device fleet, protects sensitive data at rest on the smartphone.Cold storage crypto wallet3 physical kill switches for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and video and audio
Secure eSIMeSIM - must be used with Private APPStandard SIMStandard Dual SIMStandard SIMPre-configured nanoSIM
Private APPYes - must be used with eSIMMulti-layered cybersecurity suiteBittium Secure SuiteMulti-layered cybersecurity suiteFree software drivers
Whitelists & BlacklistsYesYesApplication whitelisting supportYes-
Pricefrom $159 / mthfrom $13,500from $2,000from $14,000from $1,999
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The new means to securing your data is encrypted sims and APN networks that limit communications to only devices which have been authorized on your own private network. Using a regular Smartphone such as an Apple iPhone SE with a dedicated app which allows you to transfer and communicate private information securely, is a much cheaper and equally effective way of ensuring your data has the highest levels of privacy and no chance of being intercepted by trojans or hackers.