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At Genesis Key, we believe in making a difference. That is why we strive to work with the best minds in security and the most innovative thinkers in technology.

Our mission spans the spectrum of prevention, protection, mitigation, response, recovery and aims to transform the way companies and organizations use and build systems that protect valuable data against the unauthorized exploitation of systems, networks and technologies.

Genesis Key founders are experienced technology entrepreneurs and business professionals from consumer, finance, technology, government, and secure homeland industries with deep experience in health, financial and emergency management industries. The management team possesses a breadth of functional experience in software product development, system, and network integration, marketing of emerging products, technologies, strategic collaborating, and corporate finance.

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Our Leadership Team

Steven Garrett


Marco Pissarello

Chief Information Officer

Renato Avanzini

Chief Technology Officer

Gerard Ferri

Chief Marketing Officer

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Behind the Scenes

Linda Mulvey

Communications Director

Andrew Tucker

Legal Counsel

Daniel Bengio


Steve Cooper

Former CIO of WH, DHS, & Red Cross, Board of Directors

Retired Major General Eric Rosborg

Board of Advisors

Dario Bianchi

Board of Advisors

Ed Skonezny

Board of Advisors

Adam Cohen

Board of Advisors

Howard Vogel

Board of Advisors

Daniel Natale

Graphic/Video Producer

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Steven Garrett, CEO/Chair

Proven rainmaker, change agent, strategist, visionary, and driving force for unprecedented exponential growth in revenues, earnings, and market valuation. As a seasoned serial entrepreneur, business owner, and executive with extensive experience in all facets of business Steven Garrett brings a passion for, and an understanding of the complexity of issues and challenges that confront business owners. Steven Garrett’s expertise lies in the ability to understand the Big Picture.

Marco Pissarello, CIO

Marco’s skillset includes Business Planning, Management, Software as a Service (SaaS), Pre-sales, Business Development and Cyber Security. He designed several telecom systems to enhance the security of mobile communication and protect the security of voice and media-rich data by implementing various encryption solutions. He worked on a new model to evaluate cyber risk, based on real options and Markov Decision Processes, studying the impact of the new GDPR and the cyber risk for large Enterprises and SMEs.

Renato Avanzini, CTO

Seasoned technical visionary with decades of experience in technology, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Collaboration Software, systems and processes, and knowledge of Windows and Apple architecture and accountability in finance. He was at the forefront of Italy’s Internet growth in the late 80s and is continuing to lead and explore in the Internet of Things globally. His deep passion for Blockchain and Fintech is the catalyst for his success in Cyber Security.

Gerard Ferri, CMO

Over the last 40 years, Gerard Ferri has been involved in the creation, support, and ongoing success of several broadcast, cable, and television networks, as well as marketing and communications campaigns.  At one phase or another, Ferri has either worked for, or has had as a client at his video production facilities, Discovery Channel, Black Entertainment Television, The Learning Channel, Ivana Trump’s 5th Avenue Channel, Shoptropolis TV, The Osmond Family Television Network, and The Parish Video Network for which his Church Today program received the coveted Gabriel Award, which is the equivalent of an Oscar for religious programming.  In addition, Ferri has held senior management roles with Osmond Studios, Capitol Video, Five Star Productions and with Atlantic Video in Washington, D.C., which hosted a number of these successful major cable television networks. Building on his success in broadcasting, Ferri recently created Safe and Secure TV Channel, an Internet broadband television channel that will bring valuable information from the safety and security industry to viewers worldwide.  Ferri has marketed this unique performance tool to sports organizations including the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA, and Olympic athletes, as well as to prestigious high schools and universities throughout the country.